Compass Series Leadership Offerings:

Professional Skills for Adults and Youth

Navigating your complex environment with our coaching, mentoring, and cultural change tools.

We offer Customized Leadership Education that scales from initial engagement to in-depth hybrid learning programs.

Two of our introductory flagship offerings:

  1. Transformational Team Development

    Applying high performance collaboration and communication enables teams to align strategy, execute implementation and meet goals.

    Does your team want to take a leap ahead?

    • Promote a competitive advantage and improved customer experience?

    • Understand the power to navigate and lead change?

    • Strengthen your people as you prepare for innovation and growth?  

    Are your team members’ professional skills up to meeting current challenges?

    • Are your team members agile under stress?

    • Do team members understand how changes in mindsets, values and behaviors strengthen employee engagement?

    • Do your team members demonstrate leadership skills & behaviors that drive success?


    Transformational Team Development (TTD)

    TTD offers teams the opportunity to take a leap in their ability to work more effectively as a team with current challenges. Teams will enhance their collective creativity, innovation, and communication skills.

    Team members may feel stuck, unmotivated, or overwhelmed. As part of their leadership development, team members sometimes reach milestones where existing mindsets are ready to give way to new and expanded ways of leading. Essential to moving ahead is the encouragement to pause, step back and assess one’s beliefs, assumptions and patterns of thinking and behaving.

    We believe that our Compass Series TTD program provides a useful pathway for transformation.

    We provide our own Leadership Framework and mobile application. You provide a willingness to explore and discover new strengths and skills. TTD includes professional skills that are facilitated through collaborative inquiry and experiential exercises. By creating and exploring their own teaming pathways, team members will expand their self-awareness and create action plans that offer new possibilities for working with current challenges.

    Transformational Team Development (TTD) includes:

    1. Pre-session (30-minute) Introductory Individual Phone sessions with one of our trained coaches

    2. Two - one day in-person facilitated Team Sessions

    3. Two (90-minute) facilitated team conference calls with the Team and Coach

    4. Access to our Leadership Framework (Pathways, Beliefs, Skills, Behaviors)

    5. Access to our Mobile Website and specialized products:

      1. Journal of Action and Reflection Cycles

      2. Personal and Team Branding Emblem and Narrative

      3. Team Word Cloud of Strengths

      4. Individual and Team Strategy Statements and Action Plans

    Cost: Contact us for options and pricing

  2. Career Readiness for Youth

    Are you interested in innovative leadership skills that build career readiness?

    Do you know students who want to enhance their professional skills?

    • Would they benefit by knowing how to navigate goal-setting and decision-making?

    • Do they know how to build relationships that build trust, solve problems and utilize effective communication?

    • Do these young people know how to apply the skills of collaboration and team building?

    Do your students understand and apply personal leadership skills?

    • Clear about their values and have a personal strategy statement?

    • Influence positive change with their peers?

    • Identify their personal brand and offer a great elevator pitch?


    Career Readiness for Youth (CRFY)

    CRFY inspires youth (ages 14 - 25) to look beyond barriers in their lives and re-imagine their future filled with opportunity and achievement. CRFY is based on whole person learning. We equip participants with lifelong learning processes and professional workplace skills. Our hybrid learning programs focus on goal-setting and decision-making. We support community colleges with pathways initiatives.

    Essential to the development of our youth is the encouragement to pause, step back, and consider WHO am I? WHERE do I want to be? HOW will I get there? What has remained elusive has been the "HOW" we get there. Our learning program is focused on providing the HOW to develop professional skills required for career readiness.

    Much has been written about the mindsets and professional skills required for our future workforce. Our mindsets influence how we view the world, make decisions, and take action. A mindset can open or close possibilities. Our work is about opening possibilities for youth through our Leadership Framework.

    Our state-of-the art mobile website and in-person workshops are facilitated by us, counselors, mentors, and/or teachers who are certified in our career readiness technology. Participants utilize our Leadership Pathway of values, beliefs, and skills as they develop effective decision-making.

    By exploring their values and beliefs, participants expand their self-understanding and ultimately create a personal branding emblem and narrative available to send out over social media. They additionally work on their own elevator pitch to ready them for interviews. Participants explore career pathway options and learn to make decisions that are based on the alignment of their own values. This self-understanding enables them to develop a career strategy statement and action plan.

    Career Readiness for Youth includes:

    1. Train the counselor or trainer certification

    2. Workshops where we interact directly with participants

      1. Personal Branding Emblem and Narrative

      2. Elevator Pitch

      3. Access to our Leadership Framework and Mobile Website

      4. Word Cloud of Team or Group Strengths

      5. Personal Strategy Statement and Action Plan

    3. Online Learning Programs

    Cost: The cost is dependent upon the number of participants and the duration of the learning program.

Personal Brand

Personal Brand Emblem available through our Mobile Website:

Price: $19.99

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